CNC WoodWorking Router Machine RSN-3000L

CNC WoodWorking Router Machine RSN-3000L

CNC WoodWorking Router Machine RSN-3000L

Auto Tools Changing Linear Grippers


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Suitable for:

Cabinetry - Kitchen, furniture and more

Standard Woodworking - Furniture, shop fitting, plastic, aluminum, production and more

Decoration Industry, waved plate, signs making.

Overview and Features:


1. RSN series cnc machines are our economical class cnc machines, we supply the suitable series to meet more demands for customers on cost. Rigidity frame design will meet all kinds of working through our cnc machines. Suitable speed, suitable capability, suitable cost. All parts are Chinese brands and some are worldwide brands.

2. Frame is welded, but with enough beams to get enough support, not same strong as high class version, but still rigidity frame, no shaking during moving, all frames are same processed by large cnc, still keep high precision.

3. Spindle is Chinese ATC spindle, air cooling type, 9.0kw is the standard power, mainly we choose Chinese brand to control the cost, but customers can have the requirements for Italy big power spindle. Servo motors are necessary, mainly we use Chinese local brand to replace the great oversea brand. But all speeds and precisions are still high level to keep the machine quality.

4. There are 8 tools for the linear grippers to select, it means customers can use more bits to choose to mill or cut, fully automatically to finish every work.

5. The table is Aluminum T slot to clamp, also we supply vacuum hold down system when customers need, pump is Chinese vacuum pump, high power, higher suction. Syntec systems are mainly choice for this machine, User-friendly Design Software Suite for easy part design and tool-pathing. · CAD/CAM Software are suitable for the systemHome Switches on All Axis - Home Zeroed Saves all Part(Fixture) Zeros

6. High Gantry to load high materials. Process will be opener.


Technical Specification:


RSN 3000L

Travelling size


Working size


Table size


Motion Motor

Chinese AC servo motor for all axes

Transmission System

X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive


Vacuum Table, Including 7.5kw Vacuum Pump.

Spindle power

9.0kw Chinese Air cooling spindle

Spindle speed


Boring Unit( Gang Drill )


Max Travelling speed


Max Working speed


Tool magazine Carousel

8 tools to change, Linear Gripper

Tool holders

ISO 30 or BT 30  

Driving system

Chinese AC servo driver







More Power Spindle, 6kw, 8kw, 9kw.

Syntec System and completed sets of servo units.

Open ideas when you have and we all can consider and try to meet.



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