CNC Cutting Router Machine RSM-2500UP+

CNC Cutting Router Machine RSM-2500UP+


CNC Cutting Router Machine RSM-2500UP+


Auto Sheet Handling System with Scissor Lift, a perfect uploading and downloading cutting center machine.




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Suitable for:

Cabinetry - Kitchen, furniture and more

Standard Woodworking - Furniture, shop fitting, plastic, aluminum, production and more


Overview and Features:


  1. The machine can upload and load materials automatically. ( Loading the completed MDF sheets, or any kinds of plastic, wood, aluminum sheets, and after cutting, drilling, all productions can be uploaded to the collecting box. ) Drill or bore all holes vertically; cut all kinds of square, or and kinds of patterns; groove through different bits. Just one worker can finish all jobs through this machine, help you save labor cost 80%, safer and more efficiency.

  2. Italy Original Spindle, HSD or Hetico brand with big power, same brand boring unit,  Servo high speed DISK magazine tools, Japanese Yaskawa AV servo motors, all are excellent high quality parts in the world. Z axis is also with the function of braker, to prevent the suddenly falling for the completed Z carriage, also with pneumatic function to work.

  3. Machine frame is a completed part, standard processing way to eliminate stress after strictly annealing, 5 axis Large CNC Machining Center machine processes all surface for the frame, higher rigidity, higher precision, more stable performance. It is built on a heavy-duty steel frame, this machine offers the perfect platform for high speed, vibration free machining of even the toughest material. An extra rigid base offers cabinet makers precision and smooth cutting.

  4. No errors for overall working. Through high level software designing, quick and perfect productions are easy to get. Help your business gets to a new height.

5. Conveyor Table for Material Offloading, auto offloading table removes cut parts and waste material from the bed to help achieve maximum productivity. Combine this with the Auto Sheet Handling System for a fully automated solution for your workshop, fully automatically, enough SMART.

  1. Compatible with all industry standard software. This machine is designed for fast and effortless cabinet making. The Solid Essentials package from Cabinet Vision is recommended for super easy design, nesting and programming. This essential tool helps automate your manufacturing process in the most efficient and productive way possible. Our system is compatible with all existing cabinet making software systems in the world, open version.

  2. Pneumatically operated steel pop-up pins are strongly useful for ensuring repeatable materials placement. The number and positioning of the pins is customizable, over the whole table.


Technical Specification:


RSM 2500/UP+

Travelling size


Working size


Table size


Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Pressure type

Loading and Unloading Speed

15 m/min

Transmission System

X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive


Vacuum Table, Including the 5.5KW Vacuum Pump.

Spindle power

9.0kw Italy HSD or Hetico

Spindle speed


Boring Unit( Gang Drill )

9 tools

Max Travelling speed


Max Working speed


Tool magazine Carousel


Tool holders

8, 10, 16 tools ISO 30 or HSK

Driving system

 Yaskawa (option: Siemens)







More Power Italy HSD or Hetico Spindle.

Siemens System and completed sets of servo units.

Aluminum Vacuum Tale to replace.

Open ideas when you have and we all can consider and try to meet.


Combination Machines with our CNC CUTTING ROUTER MACHINE RSM 2500UP. Through these machines, you can get a completed production LINE. Fully automatically, and use least labors, get biggest benefits.

PS:Several units with link.

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