CNC Cutting&Drilling Router Machine RSM-5000/PTP

CNC Cutting&Drilling Router Machine RSM-5000/PTP

CNC Cutting&Drilling Router Machine RSM-5000/PTP


Open-wide Double Working Positions + 1 ATC Spindles+ 1 Boring Unit



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Suitable for:

Cabinetry - Kitchen, door, panel furniture, cabinet, wood chair and more

Standard Woodworking - Furniture, shop fitting, plastic, PVC, insulating part, epoxy resin, ABS sheet, aluminum, production and more


Overview and Features:

  1. This machine is designed with Flying arm type. In operation, workers can be easily to put big or small size boards, clamping automatically.

  2. This machine is designed with double working stations. In operation, after the working sheet in the first table is finished to cut, meanwhile, the working sheet in the second table is ready to cut. It is the real function that machine, worker, never stop and wait, productions capacity is created maximunmlly.

  3. Heavy duty frame design, tempering treatment, indefectible, nondeformable, same as all working center machines, suitable for cutting heavily. NO SHAKING during high speed working. High standard to handle the frame by Large CNC milling machine. All holes and rail positions are completed finished one time through large CNC. Equipped with ATC tools disk, Servo driver to control, high speed and high precise for position to get any one tool. To get a tool like a flash. Italy Boring Unit, very more bits or saws to choose. More sides processing in one machine.

  4. Milling, Cutiing, Drilling, side Grooving, more functions are in one machine, suitable for cutting or processing diversified productions.

  5. Italy HSD or Hetico big power ATC air cooling spindle, Japanese YASKAWA  AC servo motors for all axes with plenty, keep the high and stable speed to work. Every component and part is SNIDER and OMRON, most stable parts in the world. We only choose good parts for longer working life for customers. Safe Limiting, E-stop functions, keep safe producing.

  6. German SCHWANZ working table with vacuum suction cups, easy to choose and clamp. Flexible to clamp or place any position. It is the smart design. Different with traditional table type, but the suction will increase higher than double capability. This is a real high performance promotion. Suitable all kinds of big or small parts, flexible clamping.

  7. This machine is suitable for working together, combining together with other machines to comprise the producing line. Raise the production capability.




Technical Specification:


RSM 5000/PTP

Travelling size


Working size


Table size


Transmission System

X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive


Vacuum Table, Including the 5.5KW Vacuum Pump.

Spindle power

9.0kw Italy HSD or Hetico

Spindle speed


Boring Unit( Gang Drill )

Italy 10 or 14 bits boring unit

Max Travelling speed


Max Working speed


Processing Precision

+/- 0.01mm

Tool magazine Carousel

8, 10, 16 tools disk

Tool holders


Driving system





Syntec (Option: OSAI/Siemens)



More Power Italy HSD or Hetico Spindle.

Siemens System and completed sets of servo units.

Open ideas when you have and we all can consider and try to meet.


Combination Machines with our CNC CUTTING ROUTER MACHINE RSM 2500D2. Through these machines, you can get a completed production LINE. Fully automatically, and use least labors, get biggest benefits.

Several units with link.


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